Amtrak is canceling its long-distance trains across the country in "phased adjustments" in anticipation of a possible railroad strike that would disrupt service.

The route changes will take effect on Thursday, Amtrak Travel + Leisure confirms.

“These adjustments are necessary to ensure trains can reach their terminals before freight train services are disrupted, unless a negotiated solution is reached,” said a spokesperson

Reuters said, the suspended trains include connections from Seattle to Los Angeles, New York to Orleans, New York to Chicago, New York to Miami, New Orleans to Los Angeles and Chicago to Los Angeles.

The Northeast Corridor route, which provides transportation from Washington, D.C. to New York to Boston and "related branches to Albany, NY, Harrisburg, PA and Springfield, MA.

The Acela train also runs as usual.

Affected passengers will be contacted.

A possible rail freight strike not directly involved with Amtrak could begin Friday after the 30-day moratorium ends. NBC News, it includes members of the two largest rail freight unions in the US.

"The negotiations do not involve Amtrak or Amtrak personnel," a T+L spokesperson said.

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